About Us

The Hindi School was initiated in 2001. The school is a registered charitable organisation and grew out as an affiliate of Waitakere Indian Association (WIA). The services provided by the school are free to its members. The core objective is to teach the Hindi language by promoting and development of the primary skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the school. Furthermore, to incorporate the teaching of the moral, religious, and cultural values in the teaching curriculum and demonstrates their relevance in the daily lives of the students.


The school had a humble beginning with a dozen students of both pre-school and primary school children. The roll has continued to grow and currently we have about 100 students and 8 teachers. Entry is open to children 5 years and above. The school is run by a PTA committee as “WIA Hindi Language & Culture School” and it conducts Hindi, Tabla, Harmonium, and Indian dance classes on Sundays from 10.00 to 2.00 pm at the Henderson Intermediate School, 70 Lincoln Road in Henderson. The school is more commonly known in the local community as Waitakere Hindi School.


The school’s new curriculum was developed in January 2010 by a well-respected an ex Hindi Language Teacher from Fiji. Emphasis has been given to bring in "Kiwi environment" and Kiwi style of teaching and learning to enhance the learning’s of our children with importance of a lot of interaction amongst the students and their respective teachers to enhance the learning styles and retention of the teaching. Furthermore, Waitakere Hindi School has developed weekly learning outcomes for each class so that our students further enhance their learning at home with the emphasis of getting parents involved.


Our aspirational goal is that we will strive to support every child and walk alongside them to equip them with the tools that they need to experience excellence in their academic achievement and raise their potential as learners not only limited to Hindi Language and Culture but overall academic achievement learners and citizens in the 21st Century and beyond.


PTA Executive Members include:

President – Saten Sharma

Vice President - Arbin Prasad

Secretary - Kushdeep Kumar

Treasurer - Rajnesh Prasad

Assistant Treasurer - Nandani Kumar

Assistant Secretary - Amith Kishor

Executive Member - Rajnesh Prasad

Executive Member - Julie Shah

Executive Member - Avinesh Sharma

Funds Manager and Special Projects - Venkat Mankal 



Operational Funding is currently sourced by way applications to funding providers as well as children’s charity concert to pay for allowances for teachers, classroom hire, materials, and resources.


Thank you


Saten Sharma President Waitakere Hindi School